Starbucks rewards program

is going revenue-based starting April. 
It means that the number of stars you get would be based on how much you spend at Starbucks, instead of how often you buy. 


starbucks rewards

Based on the chart above, you will get 2 stars per $1 spent, and free drink or food will require 125 stars for Gold members. 
Also, you won't get free items until you reach Gold level. The interesting part is the "Monthly Double Star Days" which allows you earn 4 stars per $1 spent. I guess the days would boost Starbucks' sales. 

I think this change is meant for people who abuse the program by making separate transactions for multi-drink orders. However, even for starbucks lovers, it is not a favorable change. 

For example, 
Under current program if you buy 12 $5 drinks, you spend $60 and get 1 free drink. If you go for cheaper one (brewed coffee), you get free drink and spend only $15~$20 depending on the size. 

Under new program if you buy 12 $5 drinks, you will spend $60 and 120 stars, AND you don't get free drink (125 stars). 
If you get brewed coffee, it will take longer time for you to get free drink. 

More info can be found at: http://morestars.starbucks.com/

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